Don’t fear to be eccentric, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric


Improv is built on enhancing the regular experience of our visitors by adding more layers and elements to it. At Improv Bistro you’ll experience your meal in a different vibe, surrounded by music, books and art displayed on the walls amidst an ambience different from any other


Live Music, Open Mic, Stand Up Comedy and Improv Nights are our passion. Sign up for our newsletter and follow our social media for event updates!

Food & Drink

Specially crafted dishes on our menu by an Award Winning Chef served with our specialty coffee and artisan drinks designed to give a memorable dining experience.

Art & Literature

Impressionist and abstract art, sketches and photography can be found in our Art Gallery. We also put together a selection of books available for sale and in house reading in our library area.


Lance U’ren

Our Chef

“I’m not just cooking food, I am promoting a service of lifestyle to enjoy. For Giddens, life-style is more than about how to act, it is also about who to be. In other words, life-style is about identity. There is an active, creative even inventive element to life-style. This active element is reflected in the adoption of the expression ‘food use’ in place of ‘food habits’.”


Join Improv Bistro!

Here at Improv we welcome people from all nationalities and ethnicities who has passion in Culinary & Hospitality art.
in-order to form a strong team of Improvist and pursue our collective goals.
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